One-on-One: ASH

After cooling down and changing into something a little more cozy, up and coming singer/songwriter ASH sits down with us to discuss her solo journey, her unique style and touring with PJ Morton.

JWH: For those that don’t know ASH. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

ASH: I’m Ash man. I don’t know what else to say. I’ve been singing my whole life. I was born in Oklahoma City, Raised in Cleveland, graduated from Spellman College thinking I was going to be an engineer. I was always fascinated by song writing, always felt like I had that inner inner connection with people .Kind of like a quiet nerdy girl. I always felt like my songwriting would really penetrate and impact the world. So I made a decision to pursue it and sang background for some years and put out a record that started to do well and I was like this is the time to go out full throttle and I’m just really grateful to be here and it’s been an amazing ride so far.

JWH - You are no stranger to the game. You’ve toured with Janelle Monae, Participated on Chasing Destiny with Kelly Rowland & Frank Gatson. How have those experiences helped shaped you in your journey as a solo artist?   

ASH:Well you know really before that, Right after college I actively pursued music . I did stuff with Tyler Perry like just extra stuff, choir stuff. Different gospel artist I sang background for when I way younger. So I think your solo career is just there. You either have it or you don’t you kind of got to stay connected to that songwriter, stay connected to that artist and whatever message you feel like you have to say. All those experiences help you because there experiences  you know, you need to be under pressure , you need to serve, you need to roll up your sleeves and learn . I don’t think I could do anything well without serving first. All of those experiences have made me better, stronger. Of course you meet more people and you’re around people who are better than you and you learn from that. Everything that I experience every single show, every lesson, every hazing process has helped me be the woman I am today.

JWH: After releasing your second EP Please Like Me  you decided to go with something called  “The Living Room” tour. How was that experience? What made you go with an atmosphere like the living room?

ASH: So many reasons.

One I’m a unsigned artist so in order to do a tour and go to venues you got to have tour support and that’s where the labels come in. So I dont have that but I didn’t want money or lack of tour support to keep me away from people who were ride or die, fans that I was gaining , and people who were playing the records. I was like dude, I’m sure I have a friend in each city will a cool ass living room and we can set up the band and just go crazy and we did. It was just a way to connect with people one on one without the pomp and circumstance .It was my opportunity to really grow and to really get out in the street and spread the word.

JWH: You have a really unique style. Tell us about your style influences. I don’t see anyone that looks like ASH.

ASH: That’s so cool. Well Thanks, My influences. I love Shania Twain. I think everyone has been influenced by Prince. Celine Deon just classic , Halle Barry. Wear what works for you. I’m always drawn to people who just wear what works for them . I don’t really do anything but just throw on what I feel like wearing. I don’t like to shop. I probably have had most of these clothed for like a decade. I just wear what I have and I guess that’s Ash.

JWH: You just released you video for ‘Wrong Number’. It has a very retro vibe to it. Was that you in the creative process?

ASH: I write everything. I write all my treatments. I’ve all of these ideas for years. I’m obsessed with the 80’s. I feel like I should’ve been born in the 70’s or 80’s . I’m connected to those artists. That’s what I wanted to bring out in all of my videos. Wrong Number , a buddy of mine Jeff Ginter has this really cool home in Savannah and everything in his house is pretty much what I wanted ,and we just like shot it. I had this treatment and we did it. 

JWH: Can you talk to us a little about touring with PJ. How’s that been for you?

ASH: It’s been life changing .This is my first tour as a solo artist outside of my living room tour. This is one connected to a major artist so I’m able to connect with his fans and gain fans outside of what I can reach so it’s been a blessing . I appreciate learning I appreciate the new supports . I’m seeing numbers go up and streaming so up and followers go up, and I feel really blessed. It’s really making me feel more like my song says lost and I’m like a superstar. I feel like I’m getting my footing and understanding what it means to get out there and do the damn thing. He called me and was like “I haven’t been inspired by music like yours in over five years, would you be interested in going on tour”  

JWH:Can we expect any collaborations soon ?

ASH: I don’t know

JWH: You’ve worked with a lot people, anybody you still want to work with?

ASH: I’m open to working with many people. I think right now just getting the music out that I already have and spreading the base because as an Indy you know you got to do a lot of ground work . I’m just open to what make sense, who I connect with. I’m open to all genres . I’m a writerI don’t care what it is. If it’s good funky music that people love and can sing along to and connect to others I’m down.

 JWH: – So where can we find all things ASH?

ASH: I have a website .I am just ASH That has all of my videos all of my social media  I talk to fans and followers and friends!