DAHM is a web developer by day and model by night from Richmond, Virginia. Her background includes: videography, photography, graphic design, theatre and digital media. You can find her tweeting and posting on Instagram @omgdahm.


Joi Unpseakable 

  Joi “Unspeakable” Donaldson loves to write. A lot. Nine books - including the 8-pager she wrote when she was 9 - Ranging from poetry and short story to humor and promptings, writing is more than just her thing: it’s a way of life.  She has written forRiseNGrind magazine, been featured in the Soar column ofFor Harriet, the blog site The Next 100 with her new home located on Medium. You can follow her on twitter @Elemental_Jah.


Hip-Hop Henry 

Virginia State Trojan x Hampton Pirate. Internet Radio Host. The Cheats Movement Podcast Co-Creator. Half decent DJ, WRIR 97.3.Freelance Writer, currently at RVA Mag, Dreamer for Hire. A Knxwbody. Follow his on socials  @hiphophenry



Michelle is a Richmond native and aspiring television writer with a passion for politics, entertainment, and hip hop culture.She is also an accountant for a local advertising agency. Follow her on social @mlewritten