Our Story

Believe.v.-To have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so.

-Hi! I'm Jess and all 2018 i've been working on believing in myself more. You may know me from an array of things in the city. Maybe photography, design, singing but you probably know me from JessWuzHere, a photo campaign created in 2016 to show everything in Richmond you already love plus the things you never knew you needed. Focusing primarily on music and culture, it's become a central hub for events, music, culture and the arts. 


-For the past two years (May 27th!) I've run this campaign with all of nothing. No staff, sometimes no equipment, and all the time no extra funds. 88 posts later and with no Friday left behind I'm still here every week connecting the community to the culture and creativity of Richmond. 

So many people believed in this more than I did and that encouragement has played a major role in what JessWuzHere has developed into. Running JessWuzHere has allowed me to work with some of the best and be apart of some amazing events. I've loved connecting creatives with each other and influencing positive change in the city. Over the years I've grown more passionate about the things I was discovering and felt led to transition the campaign into a lifestyle blog and i've worked over the past year trying to make that a reality. JessWuzHere will be a place where you can find events, playlists, features and more.

Now I need some help. I do not own a computer and haven't owned one the whole time and I've run 'JWH' (crazy right?)

So how have I done it? I've spent the past two years borrowing friends laptops, heading to the library and I currently am using a friend’s old laptop but it's on its last leg. It only powers on when plugged in and even then it will still power off in the middle of a project. (It's happened twice since writing this lol) Two weeks ago the SD card reader stopped working (How can I load pictures of all the cool RVA Things?) and I know it's only a matter of time before she's a goner. 

I've dedicated my time and energy promoting and covering events, often for free and I wish to continue on a bigger, wider platform but that is just not possible without a functioning computer. Guys: I need a new laptop.

Donations of any amount are appreciated and everyone who donates will receive a customizable 3x3 'JessWuzHere' sticker.

Anyone who donates over $50 will be contacted personally and will be offered a discounted service.

Check out what we've got going on so far at JessWuzHere.com

Thanks in advance for your support and for believing.